September 30

It’s the end of September
but we’re still stuck
with an ill weather
The news on the radio said
it’s going to get better
but it rained even harder
throughout the night
People started going out of their houses
to dance in the streets despite the rain’s temper,
saying they might as well
make this a night to remember.


I made a little project for the entire month of September. The challenge was to write at least one poem a day. The idea came from wanting to write, but never having the inspiration to do so. It was successful and I was quite pleased with the results. It’s true that you don’t have to wait until an idea hits you, sometimes you have to immerse yourself in the world and believe that inspiration is out there. I am going to share some of the things I’ve written. I hope you would be inspired to start your own projects as well!

If you always challenge yourself, you’ll surely excel in your art.


Stay warm,

The Fire Escape




You were rain-soaked
clad in a raincoat
that reached down your feet.
The entire street
was flooded deep,
probably enough for a fleet
because it has been raining non-stop
for two days in a row
that I even forgot what it was like
when there were no raindrops dropping like bullets
on the roof
You’ve been sitting on a bench
in front of a tree that looks like a willow,
just near my house that I could easily see you
if I wiped the moistened glass of my window.
When the rain finally hummed low,
I went to find out what you knew
of this flooded wasteland that fascinated you.
You were about to get out of your seat
when I asked why you stayed here for so long
but you went your way
leaving me with just an
“It’s a beautiful day.”

words and photograph: The Fire Escape
Camera: Canon AF35M | Film: Fujifilm XTRA 400
* A poem made for a friend

Brand New Eyes

I can see how happy you are
with your ear to ear grin
that always dissolves
into a profusion of deep breaths,
reminding yourself
to keep your heart grounded.
You’re looking out the window,
trying out your brand new eyes
as you see the world for the first time
since she came along.
I thought I know you more than most,
even how to intrepidly make my way through
the maze inside your head
because I’ve embraced every darkness
that stills in your heart
that even you can’t come to terms with.
But you seemed to have found
the home for your demons
where they can finally rest in.
In the arms of the lucky girl
who now has everything I ever wanted.
I know all of these
because that’s how I am with you,
but our hearts were never the same.
I would do it all again
and would still be beside you
but this time

why I never told you.


words and photograph: The Fire Escape

The Recurring Waves

My heart had monuments
built on places you have conquered
that everyone who came after you
learned about who you were

My heart had maps laid out
where “X” marked all places I had made my home
I wish I could’ve written
Xs all over your arms

My heart had stories well kept
Some were stories about you,
stories about us
But mostly stories of what could be

My heart had a million other things
but I wish I could’ve filled them up
with anything other than
things that reminded me of you

But now my heart hasn’t let anything in
other than the ocean
and I have been engulfed
by the humdrum of recurring waves so,

please      please              please         please  please          please

come   come            come         come           come        come

back               back              back   back                back          b     a    c      k


words and photograph: The Fire Escape

Skeletons in the Closet


There is nothing under my skin
but fragile bones and fleeting dreams —
a sad excuse for a human
I don’t want you to look long enough to see through me
I’m made of mistakes, missed opportunities, and regret
Regret for leaving people to be who I am now
I could hear them saying,
“Was it all worth it?”

I don’t know. 

But I’m afraid to wake up in forty years and look in the mirror
only to hate the person living inside this skeleton
The person with ruptured bones and perished dreams —
a sad excuse for a human
I would turn away;
I could not look at myself long enough
Because I would know with the emptiness of the four corners I call home,
It wasn’t.


words and photograph: The Fire Escape


I fell asleep
to the sound of two people talking by the seaside
Whispering as if trading secrets
their mouths had just came to know
Though they didn’t say,
everything was to be held sacred.
Each story laid out bare,
too fragile not to be handled with care.
When asked what he wanted
most in the world,
he only said “I love beautiful things.”
I’ve fallen in love with those words
that I wake up every morning
with sole purpose of finding beauty
in places I’ve always overlooked.
I’ve passed it on to other people
whom I thought needed it the most,
but not everyone understood.
So I tell them about the boy,
who talked of nothing but what made him happy
like he was trying to say
things that make him smile
are what’s most beautiful.

words and photograph: The Fire Escape