by the fire escape (made by/beside)
is a newly formed blog created by an independent writer with the pen name “The Fire Escape” as a space for his/her work, believing that sharing them with other people is one of the many purposes of stories. The writer mostly writes just about anything to let this fire out inside him/her, thus conceiving his/her pen name.
Ironically, the writer is not a person of words except when writing about fiction, so the writer would most likely just write things about himself/herself that are not entirely factual. It’s possible that he/she is in his/her mid 20’s to early 30’s. Let’s say it’s a she who grew up in sunny California, but maybe her works are too warm and too cold at the same time for that place – for any place that is. But still, she writes because she has to and because she needs to. Maybe she exists to write.
The writer is open for collaborations with artists (photographers, painters, illustrators, etc). You could make the artwork and she could write the words. You may contact her through here.