Brand New Eyes

I can see how happy you are
with your ear to ear grin
that always dissolves
into a profusion of deep breaths,
reminding yourself
to keep your heart grounded.
You’re looking out the window,
trying out your brand new eyes
as you see the world for the first time
since she came along.
I thought I know you more than most,
even how to intrepidly make my way through
the maze inside your head
because I’ve embraced every darkness
that stills in your heart
that even you can’t come to terms with.
But you seemed to have found
the home for your demons
where they can finally rest in.
In the arms of the lucky girl
who now has everything I ever wanted.
I know all of these
because that’s how I am with you,
but our hearts were never the same.
I would do it all again
and would still be beside you
but this time

why I never told you.


words and photograph: The Fire Escape


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