You were rain-soaked
clad in a raincoat
that reached down your feet.
The entire street
was flooded deep,
probably enough for a fleet
because it has been raining non-stop
for two days in a row
that I even forgot what it was like
when there were no raindrops dropping like bullets
on the roof
You’ve been sitting on a bench
in front of a tree that looks like a willow,
just near my house that I could easily see you
if I wiped the moistened glass of my window.
When the rain finally hummed low,
I went to find out what you knew
of this flooded wasteland that fascinated you.
You were about to get out of your seat
when I asked why you stayed here for so long
but you went your way
leaving me with just an
“It’s a beautiful day.”

words and photograph: The Fire Escape
Camera: Canon AF35M | Film: Fujifilm XTRA 400
* A poem made for a friend


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