The Recurring Waves

My heart had monuments
built on places you have conquered
that everyone who came after you
learned about who you were

My heart had maps laid out
where “X” marked all places I had made my home
I wish I could’ve written
Xs all over your arms

My heart had stories well kept
Some were stories about you,
stories about us
But mostly stories of what could be

My heart had a million other things
but I wish I could’ve filled them up
with anything other than
things that reminded me of you

But now my heart hasn’t let anything in
other than the ocean
and I have been engulfed
by the humdrum of recurring waves so,

please      please              please         please  please          please

come   come            come         come           come        come

back               back              back   back                back          b     a    c      k


words and photograph: The Fire Escape


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